With my apologies to those who already know and follow this particular piece of nutritional knowledge and thus are reading summer reruns here, I’d like to spread the knowledge to those who haven’t learned the Brown Vegetable Theory yet.

I know we’re all told that we’re supposed to have ample helpings of leafy greens at all times.  Or that we’re supposed to eat by color – the thought being that having a plate of brightly colored (by nature, not by science) food is a sign of having a plate of really nutritional food.  This is most likely true.  However, we need to make sure we also get our daily helpings of brown vegetables, as brown vegetables are the best vegetables. 

Brown vegetables include the following:
– chocolate
– tea
– coffee
For those of you who think I’m drunk nuts, the underlying logic is simple and easily explained.  Chocolate comes from beans.  Beans are a vegetable.  Therefore, chocolate is a vegetable (vanilla would fall into the same category when you think about it).  Tea comes from leaves, which, because lettuce is a vegetable, must also be considered a member of the vegetable category.  Coffee comes from beans, which in turn come from coffee cherries, making coffee an elusive and exponentially more powerful fruit/vegetable combination.

Based on the above, the healthiest and most complete breakfast you can have each morning is a mocha.  With the mocha, you get the superpowered fruit/vegetable combination that is the coffee, combined with the extra vegetable hit of the chocolate and the wonderful protein and calcium in the milk.  Mocha: it does a body good.