I’m feeling momentarily uninspired on the writing procrastination front because my cat woke me up several times in the middle of the night because she wanted to play.  Therefore, I’m half-zonked.  I also haven’t had much time to write in the past day and a half, so I can’t direct you to my writing procrastination activities from this time.  There haven’t been any.

Therefore, for your afternoon’s entertainment I’ve decided to give you my guacamole recipe, because it’s still summer and therefore still warm enough to want guac.  Here goes:

– 1 bag of tortilla chips
– 1/2 red onion, finely chopped.  No crying.
– 1 chili pepper of whatever variety you’d like, seeded or not, all depending on what heat level you’d like (I tend to use a seeded jalapeno because I have something of a babbymouth)
– 1 clove garlic, smashed and then minced
– 1/2 a bunch (or a whole bunch, if you, like me, think it tastes lovely and fresh and not at all of soap) of cilantro, finely chopped
– 2 avocadoes, cut in half, ginormous seed removed, lovely smooth creamy green insides taken from within and added to bowl, one ginormous seed kept hanging about what will keep the guac from turning icky brown colors
– 1-2 limes, squeezed over the avocado also what will keep the guac from turning icky brown colors

Add everything in the list, excepting the bag of tortilla chips and reserved ginormous avocado seed, into a bowl with the lovely smooth creamy green avocado insides and then mash and stir until it reaches whatever guacamole consistency you prefer.  I like it mostly-but-not-all mashed up, because I like getting little chunks of avocado in with everything else.  When you’re done mashing, throw the reserved ginormous avocado seed into the guac and ignore it.  It will keep your guac a lovely green color for a couple of days, should the guac last that long (mine usually doesn’t).  Then open the bag of chips and chow down.

You can probably add tomatoes, but I don’t.  Just because.  I also think it would be awesome to throw some lobster in, but I probably won’t be doing that any time soon as I’m a) funemployed and thus not really in a financial position to buy any lobster and b) living in Kansas, where fresh lobster is rather harder (although not impossible) to come by than it was when I was located closer to a coastline.  But lobster in guac is indeed awesome, and would help you pretend (should you so desire) that guacamole is a full meal rather than a really fun appetizer/condiment.