I’ve been using wordpress now for about two months. I love blogging here in part because I love (like unreasonably, borderline obsession adore) the stats. Because any time my ego needs feeding (or on some days, inadvertently crushing), I can go to a little thing on my dashboard called “Site Stats” and find out how many of you lovely people have clicked on this blog or my beer blog, what Google searches have pointed you in my direction, what links I’ve posted that you may have clicked on, who has linked to me and had that linked clicked on (thanks, Dr. B!) aka “Referrers” and so on.

However, every now and again my Referrers section will tell me something outrageous. Today, it told me that “greenweightlosstea.net” and “asmidary.advantagesofuniversity.com” referred people to my beer blog. I clicked on both of those links to check out said referrals and they both tried to sell me things. So I call bullshit. There’s no way in hell “greenweightlosstea.net” has EVER referred ANYONE to my beer blog, since beer is not generally known for its weight loss properties.

The referrers to this blog have all been legit. And there have been a lot of them (for my paltry standards), so today, intarwebz, you are helping my battered and unemployed self-esteem. A+++ to all of you for making this unaccountably my busiest blog day ever. And another A+++ to all of you for liking my nonsensical ramblings today rather more than my writings about beer over on the other blog, thereby telling me that you all like to waste time just as much as I do.

If you’re reading this right now, I think you should know that I think you’re fabulous. Thumbs up to you, person.