Seriously, if  someone told you to find all the 1000 square foot parks in town and do rubbings of the plaques marking them, would you be able to find them all? Would you be able to answer trivia questions asking you where to find the bust of a town founder, or the date of one of the earliest-built houses? Could you find the back roads linking all of these things in order to cut down time between destinations, thus increasing your chances of actually answering all the questions?

Today Tony and I ran around Lawrence, KS, with a couple of our very close friends, playing an absolutely epic trivia game. It had us doing all of these things and several more. We drove from beyond the East end of Lawrence (a pumpkin patch just outside of town) to beyond the West end (right by Clinton Lake), from 6th St to 31st St and all over the University of Kansas campus (which was a damned good trick because it was Homecoming today and absolutely batshit on campus). And it was an amazing time.

For Lawrencians who haven’t paid attention: there are eleventybillion plaques on Mass St. Like almost every building has some kind of plaque to tell you what the building originally was and who’s owned it over the years and what happened during Quantrill’s Raid or whatever else of import that the building may have. It’s really neat.

For writers: if there’s a town you’re setting a work in and you can find some kind of tour or trivia game or anything else in that town, DO IT. You will learn an insane amount in a few hours and it’s all good stuff to draw on.

Back to Lawrencians: if you haven’t yet gone to Angler’s, GO: raw oysters and a bloody fantastically awesome, informative and friendly staff, raw oysters, the best crab dip I think I’ve ever had and a tap list that made me near-weep from the happy. Really, people, the beer list is to die for there (which is why they’re getting a plug on both blogs).
And similarly, if you haven’t gone to the Burger Stand at the Casbah, GO: rabbit hot dogs and duck fat french fries and quinoa patties and duck fat-fried corn dogs and OHMYDUDE THE EATS.

So I’ll go totally mushyromantic on how much I love Lawrence in some other post, but this was a really awesomehappy day. I hope you all get one like it soon.