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NaNo Prepping

– Halloween party
– Handing out of Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters
– Removal of Halloween nail polish
– Replacement of said polish with something less overtly goth
– (unscheduled) Development of cold D:
– Acquirement of part-time job which will ensure that I get out of the house and away from the writing sometimes
– Main part of novel storyboarding
– Reworking of main character (MC)
– Semi-last-minute addition of another major character, purpose only semi-determined so far, and whose presence will probably severely wrench half of what I’ve got planned, and who still needs a flipping name

To remember in November:
– Eat enough to justify caffeine intake
– Shower so as not to horrify coffeeshop patrons or my husband
– Go to the gym sometimes
– Talk about non-writing, non-novel things to non-writers, since almost no one IRL really wants *that* deep a glimpse into my own personal crazy

To do:
– Come up with opening scene so that I have something to write tonight at midnight
– Decide what tense to work in
– Figure out at least a preliminary title, since this project has thus far steadfastly refused to name itself (unless I decide something batshit, like going with one crazysauce idea I had to make this a seven(!) book series in order to take care of the title problem)
– Flush the last shreds of sanity down the toilet until December
– Create some sort of basic playlist (unless I say screw it and just go with what works scene-by-scene)
– WRITE 50,000 WORDS

People, I have a bloody amazing job perk homework again. Each week, I have to try a bottle of wine and report back on it, cork attached to the report sheet to prove that I have indeed busted on in to partake.

Now, I’m awesome with beer. I’m pretty good with liqueurs and whiskeys and all that.

I comparatively suck at wine. Like, I’m not hopeless by any means, but my knowledge of wine is something like 1% of what my beer knowledge is.

But now I have homework wine, and since I’m incapable of remembering things without writing about them, I’ve decided to share my thoughts with you. Hopefully, in six months I’ll sound like I have a clue what the hell I’m talking about. I don’t think I will right now.

With that preamble, this week’s wine:
Name: Pagos de Equren Tempranillo
Color: Red
Country/Region of Origin:
Hrm. I should check, but the bottle is downstairs. I am not downstairs. I am lazy, so we’re not going to worry about this right now.

This has to be the lowest-tannin red wine I’ve ever encountered. It’s still dry, but it’s so low in tannins that my mom, who has the tannin allergy that makes drinking red wine intensely painful along about the jaw region, was able to drink it no problem.

The wine was… red wine. It had a sort of menthol-y, mineral-y undertone* that I frankly didn’t like all that much. It did have a nice sort of sour cherry/berry flavor though – much more pronounced than the mineral aspects – and I liked that.

Overall, I’d pass. I think this was the first Tempranillo I’d ever had. If this is what they’re like, then I think I’ll stick to recommending Riojas when people want Spanish wine.

* Note: it was my comment about the menthol/mineral combo that made Mom try it – one of those “that sounds gross, let me try it!” things that always happens with food.**

** Yes, I did link you to my other blog. Yes, I am that person.

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