– Halloween party
– Handing out of Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters
– Removal of Halloween nail polish
– Replacement of said polish with something less overtly goth
– (unscheduled) Development of cold D:
– Acquirement of part-time job which will ensure that I get out of the house and away from the writing sometimes
– Main part of novel storyboarding
– Reworking of main character (MC)
– Semi-last-minute addition of another major character, purpose only semi-determined so far, and whose presence will probably severely wrench half of what I’ve got planned, and who still needs a flipping name

To remember in November:
– Eat enough to justify caffeine intake
– Shower so as not to horrify coffeeshop patrons or my husband
– Go to the gym sometimes
– Talk about non-writing, non-novel things to non-writers, since almost no one IRL really wants *that* deep a glimpse into my own personal crazy

To do:
– Come up with opening scene so that I have something to write tonight at midnight
– Decide what tense to work in
– Figure out at least a preliminary title, since this project has thus far steadfastly refused to name itself (unless I decide something batshit, like going with one crazysauce idea I had to make this a seven(!) book series in order to take care of the title problem)
– Flush the last shreds of sanity down the toilet until December
– Create some sort of basic playlist (unless I say screw it and just go with what works scene-by-scene)
– WRITE 50,000 WORDS