– woke up and found out good news from husband, which will be posted when I can say what happened
– went to coffeeshop with husband, talked until about noon
– wrote until 2, which is when I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything, that my coffee was gone, and that I was beyond starving
– came home, ate some meatballs from last night’s dinner, wrote more
– ran into brain fart, surfed interwebz

Now I’m waiting for dinner and then am going to come back and write more. I’m at 2100 words right now, which isn’t bad for the first day – I’m trying to hit harder on days I don’t work so that I’m not hugely behind or not sleeping.

I’m thinking I should do a tally, because I’m entertaining myself here:
Cups of coffee consumed: 1 (medium mocha)
Number of meals forgotten about/eaten late*: 1
Glasses of booze consumed: 0
Words written: 2,104
Weirdest Google Search in the last 24 hours: “number of hours in November” because it was late and hadn’t occurred to my dumb ass to calculate it.

*those who are aware of my metabolism will know right away how strange this is. I’m hungry, like, all the time. My body pretty much wants food roughly every four hours or it gets mad and makes me not feel good.

As of midnight at the end of day one, I’m at 2857 words. I’m going to keep a daily log out of curiousity.

As of midnight at the end of day two, I’m at 4228 words.

Midnight, end day three: 6049 words and into chapter three.