3 days and one hour in (it’s now 1am).

Cups of coffee consumed: 2 mochas, 3 cups of regular coffee
Number of meals forgotten about/eaten late: 2
Glasses of booze consumed: 2, but neither were NaNo related (yet)
Words written: 6,054 (!)
Weirdest Google Search in the last 24 hours: “small yellow flower strong scent” because I needed a flower to have a character need to harvest for his mother, who is a perfumer. I ended up just having the character describe the flower and moaning about it without a specific name because I didn’t find one that would be in the right type of climate that would also smell strongly.

So. I only need to be at 5,001 words right now to be exactly keeping up, and I’m actually over that, and I have even more I’d like to write tonight if my brain doesn’t fall out of my head from exhaustion first. I can’t believe I’m keeping up this well right now, both because it was a lot harder last year and because I’ve been working the writing in around work the last couple of days – I figured I’d be way behind on my word count on work days and so far that hasn’t happened.

I’m pretty happy with how the story is panning out so far – when I was trying to write a different version of this over the summer, everything felt stilted and off and wrong. Writing it now with retooled Main Character, I feel loads better, like things are working that weren’t working at all before. Of course the writing in this new, better draft is CRAPTASTIC, but that’s what first drafts are for.

I still haven’t decided where the hell this is all taking place. Like, it’s in the U.S. somewhere at Totally Average HS, but I don’t know where really. It doesn’t feel like a KS setting, so that’s pretty much out, as is most of the rest of the US (although I did kick around Rockford, IL for a while). I’m thinking maybe somewhere in PA right now simply because I’m familiar with the state. But I don’t know. The only reason it’s even important is so that I get the weather details right when I need to use them.

Seriously, though, right now this is awesome. I’m totally loving this. I sincerely doubt I’ll feel this way in another two weeks when total exhaustion sets in and I’m working more hours, but right now, A+ experience. And 6K words that I didn’t have at midnight on Sunday.

EDIT END OF DAY 4:  8461 words!
EDIT FOR END OF DAY 5: 10690, most of which occurred late late last night, when I hit 9943. The remainder have happened since 10:30 tonight. BAD WRITING DAY. And I’m totally hung up on this scene because it needs to be right – like I really want it to NOT SUCK – and I’m trying too hard and can’t get myself into it. BLERG.