Um, guys. For anyone who doesn’t read Cleolinda’s blog with any regularity, I have some terrible fucking news for you.

They’ve decided to reboot the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise. Like, completely. Like, Buffy apparently won’t even be in high school anymore (not that she was for the latter half of the series), and they have no director and no script or anything. Just a writer who is on a tight schedule (they want the film out in a year), so two things need to be in effect:
– this had better be the best damn writer ever, because the writer will have NO time for editing whatsoever, meaning little chance to fix all but the most gaping of plot holes and even less time to polish the script into anything really entertaining
– Joss Whedon is not involved, so it’s pretty much probably going to suck anyway.

I mean, I’m not in love with Whedon the way is. Tropers seem to half live and die by their insane, overwhelming love of him. However, he did a beautiful flipping job with Buffy*, and I really like Buffy. I don’t want someone fucking it up yet. I figured there’d be a reboot eventually, as gritty reboots are seemingly inevitable, but I didn’t want Buffy to fall to Inevitable Gritty Reboot Syndrome any time soon. This is a sad, sad, terrifying day, folks.

*at least until Seasons 6&7, but those seasons feel like a sort of tacked-on after-the-fact-type “but we were having fun, dammit!” type things to me