My NaNo project has roughly 2700 words left and I’ll have hit the 50K goal for November. I will finish it tonight or tomorrow if it kills me, because  I have to work on Tuesday and I don’t want anything to happen that could screw up my winning. It’s been too much work and too much craziness to not win at this point. And I’ll feel accomplished and stuff, and that will be neat.

The great thing? I think a plot showed up. Like, this evening. Around the 46500-word mark or so.

So what have I been doing for the first 46500 words? Well, my characters have been developing themselves and going out and doing stuff and discovering stuff and not actually running into any real problems accomplishing what they want to do. And along the way they’ve had conversations with each other. But last night, when one character looked at another and said “why have we had this conversation three times now?” I thought shit, he’s right, they have. So I mentally apologized to both of them for putting them through an angst-ridden conversation three times because it doesn’t quite feel like I’ve gotten it right yet. And because apparently my reaction to “that wasn’t right” is to write it over and over and over in different places throughout the novel, whether that particular conversation topic makes much sense at the time or not (mostly not).

So at this point I need to figure out exactly how to get through the last 2700 or so words and verify my win. Then I need to download Scrivener, I think, because I hear good things of Scrivener and it would be awesome to have some software that does ALL the things. Then I need to finish the draft and, you know, get my holiday preparations done. And then I need to outline what happens, figure out exactly what needs to go where, what I need to cut, and what I need to add to make everything make sense. And then I need to edit the everloving shit out of this baby. And then send it to a few beta readers, and then edit it again. And again. And again.

And maybe then, after 6 or so solid months of staring at the same manuscript until I’ve come to hate it, write a query letter and see what happens. If I manage to get that far. Which is, admittedly, the goal.

So onwards and, well, onwards. How are you all doing? My deepest apologies for the lack of updating during this insane month. I will update again when I’m done with NaNo, and then hopefully get back onto a more regular schedule.

Smooches, all!

Midnight, Day 28: 47325