Now that I’m not writing a million words a second every time I sit at my computer but am still in  primed fiction crazybrain mode, I’ve had a really odd thought pop into my head.

Those of you who are my facebook buddies have seen this pop up in status form, so feel free to ignore me and my redundancy.

See, there’s another book-type meme going around facebook, this one focusing on 15 characters that have strongly affected you in some way or other. The thing is that it’s actually book/film/tv characters, but me being me I stopped reading the rules at book, and only realized after about ten minutes that I could throw in tv/film characters too. Even had I realized it was all three media right from the beginning, it still would have been mostly books, so, you know, me dork or whatever.

Anyway, I listed Hamlet as one of the most me-affecting characters. But then I thought about it. I didn’t list Hamlet because I like him. I don’t. I think he’s a whining, ineffective twit. And he angsts a ridamndiculous amount of the time. And so, apparently – I haven’t actually read this book yet – does Holden Caulfield. (YEAH YEAH I KNOW I WILL READ THE CATCHER IN THE RYE SOMEDAY)

So. Were Holden Caulfield put in a ring with Hamlet, who would win the fight? Would they box? Would they angst over the possibility of boxing? Would Hamlet angst about having to box, and Holden angst about how inauthentic boxing is? Would Holden finally swing at Hamlet, and Hamlet then spend four minutes sililoquy-ing over whether or not to punch Holden back?

Your thoughts, please. My brain should be applying this sort of creative nonsense to its longer, unfinished, post-NaNo novel.