So I’ve decided, should I find myself with large swathes of downtime at some point in the not it’s-the-holidays-while-employed-in-retail future, it might be really fun to do a Paradise Lost recap. Like, figuring out what the hell is going on and translating it so that the awesome can be readily available to people who want to know what the hell Milton was actually on about (and how awesome it can be), but who can’t/don’t have time to wade through the density of the language. Because it seems to me that between His Dark Materials, the upcoming Paradise Lost action! movie, and various references to it that keep popping up in my reading, Paradise Lost is still pretty current. I also don’t know anyone whom I didn’t attend grad school with who has read the whole thing, so it might actually be helpful. Meanwhile, I have read it several times, written papers on it, talked about it during my Ph.D. exams, etc. Plus I find parts of it really funny and parts of it fairly fucked up and think it could be really interesting to recap it.

So. If I can find the time to do this, and the energy, and the appropriate style for such a project, would anyone out there be interested in reading it?

Beyond that, I’ve got a homework wine that I need to do a quickie review of and have been putting off because, well, I’ve been at work more than I’ve been around an internet, a few beer reviews I should write up, and so on. All of which I should be doing right now because I’ll be spending the next six days at work, mostly closing, and won’t have much in the way of an internet nearby.

NaNo-ers out there: who all has still been working on their novel? Anyone else look at December and think “shit, I’m really busy” and not get anything new done? I have a huge scene I need to get written out, but I haven’t actually touched the document since I confirmed the win. Also also: does anyone use Scrivener? Do you like it? Is it worth getting?

How’s life?