So yesterday, by the time I left work, I had a winter sampler pack from Sam Adams to review for work for the monthly beer special and 6 bottles of cider from a rep from the cidery (if I am not, in fact, making up that word, which I may very well be) given to me for free to review on el beer blog. Meaning that I actually *am* now writing for beer – like they provide, I drink, I write. And I’m loving this. I’m also sort of reeling because I never really thought that I’d actually be getting freebie beer to review, like, you know, ever.

But somewhere in the past month I started writing the beer reviews for the monthly beer specials at work. And then they gave me a weekly spot on the store website to review more beer. And now freebie cider because I was talking to a rep because none of the managerial-type people were around and somehow Founder’s Canadian Breakfast Stout came up (a beer that I desperately want but have yet to get ahold of) and then my blog came up and then somehow I ended up with a bunch of cider that I am working my way through in hopes of reviewing by, say, early next week.

So the upshot of posting all of this is that I’m sort of figuring out that I’m actually building a bit of a portfolio of my writing. And it’s writing about a subject that I’m pretty much over the moon about. So this is all good and lovely. Really.

So why sit here and post about it? Other than being excited, I mean.

The answer is basically that academics had dropped my self-esteem down to a sub-microscopic level, and I’m pretty much shocked to find that something I’m doing is going well. But it is, you know, going well.

THE POINT – to those of you in academics who desperately want the fuck out but don’t know what the hell to do with yourselves, I say unto thee: THERE IS LIFE OUTSIDE THE IVORY TOWER. And that life can be fuckawesome. It’s scary at first, but it will work itself out and things will get better. So for anyone who reads this who finds themselves in that horrid limbo place, a million hugs from me to you. It’s hard, and it’s hard to find the strength to believe in yourself or your talent, but you’ll get through it. And if you’re like me, you may someday find yourself in the surprising position of learning that someone actually *wants* to read your writing.