This week in blogging, Cleolinda has been dealing with an illness she has named the Death Blarg. I think I’m dealing with a cousin of the Death Blarg. I don’t feel like I’m dying yet – I really just have an annoying amount of post-nasal drip and nowhere near enough energy (YAY TMI ON THE INTARWEBZ TIEMS YO!). But “Blarg” of some variety sounds roughly like what I have, so I’m borrowing her term.

At some point, I really need to buckle down and finish the draft of my NaNovel. I’ve been slacking hardcore this month on the writing because I’ve been trying to get back up to speed on my beer reviewing and because I’ve been working a ton and haven’t had the energy to write. I keep reminding myself that I managed to make time for it in November, so I should just get off my bum and get the energy back now, but it hasn’t really happened. Who knew just how powerful artificially imposed deadlines could be?

So. To do:
– get over Blarg
– make reservations at appropriately kickass restaurant to celebrate Brownie’s book deal
– write last 20K or so of novel (in the faint hope that with perseverance and many revisions and much editing I may one day have my own book deal to celebrate)
– Christmas shopping
– get car radiator serviced before Kansas winter kicks in full-full blast (as opposed to tonight/tomorrow, where it is kicking in only full blast)(read: full blast = high in the 20s versus full-full blast = high in the 1’s)