So I realize it’s been rather quieter around these parts in the past month and a half and that I haven’t been springing random hedgehog nail-trimming tip videos or recipes or silly mouse games on you people in a while. Sorry for that. The reason is that I haven’t honestly had much time to procrastinate.

I haven’t been on tvtropes in over a month. 😦 😦 😦

During November, I was pretty much entirely either at work or working on my NaNo project. Now that it’s December, I’m mostly at work or drinking beer for work or finishing Battlestar Gallactica with Tony or staring at the NaNo project, wondering why the hell I’m so stuck and why writing has been so difficult lately.

And I’ve spent far too much mental imager hating the hell out of Christmas songs.* It’s not the fault of the Christmas songs that pop and country singers like to cover them in hyper-sentimental, for-profit styles. But they suck, and I often wonder why they’re on constantly in so many retail outlets when I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually *likes* hearing Mariah Carey screech out “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” or whatever the hell she’s covered lately.

I think I hate these songs so much because I feel like I spend the day listening to a bunch of already-famous people covering songs they didn’t write so that they can earn money for their recording studios by preying on the wallets of people who are trying in their fashion to get into the holiday spirit. It’s like the postmodern-commercial side of Christmas made blatantly obvious – no originality even while we pretend to see meaning in it all or something like that which I’m not articulating well because it’s 1:37 in the morning and I’m trying to learn how to feel tired.

What I’m saying is that heavily commercial Christmas music is trying to make me hate Christmas. One would think working retail during the holidays would be enough to do this, but I find that I actually kind of like the retail part: being in the booze arena, I’m dealing with one of three types of people. Type one is the family cook coming in for alcohol for some recipe they only make during the holidays – they always have stories about what they’re making, and that’s fun. Type two is buying a ton of booze in order to make sure they throw a good party for their family – it’s something they’re invested in and seem genuinely happy about. So they’re fun. Type three is buying a ton of booze in order to make sure that they survive the family party – it’s pretty clear that they’re not looking forward to anything coming up and are trying to make sure they’ll be properly medicated. They’re bitter, but they’re typically funny as hell.

So it’s been busy, basically, and I miss having tons of time to play around online and find all kinds of random nonsense and then post it here with some kind of “um, my brain just borked” type thought. And I miss the novel-writing time. I’ve been so tired from work and everything that I’ve gotten really hung up on some plot points and haven’t had the time to sit and stare at my keyboard and just THINK until something pops into my head. So I’m stuck and hanging and have left Aurora hanging in an awkward conversation that I’ve recently deleted in hopes that making her life more difficult will help me move things along better.

We’ll see. Probably in January.

*Exception: the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song, which is and always will be awesome, and which should be played with much greater frequency on these otherwise torturous stations.