Like most of the rest of the blogosphere, I contemplated doing some sort of “Best of 2010 in My Unhumble Opinion”-style series. I opted not to.*

But. There’s this book. It’s called The Sky is Everywhere. The author is Jandy Nelson. You should read it.

I will attempt to summarize the plot by saying that it’s about a 17-year-old girl, Lennie, whose sister has very recently died. The book chronicles Lennie’s attempts to deal, which admittedly sounds like the most depressing thing ever. It’s not.

This book flattened me against a wall, had me crying in approximately three paragraphs, had me laughing through my tears in another three, crying again in seven, and falling in love in ten. Reading this book was this intense, crazy, wild suckerpunch of an experience. Like, it physically hurt.

I couldn’t put it down.

By the time I finished, it was uncomfortably close to 4am and I felt like I’d lived an entire lifetime’s worth of emotion. I remember staring blankly at the wall for a few minutes after I put it down. I felt drained, but happy. Really, really happy. And like life is worth trying to enjoy even when it sucks.

Honestly, there were a ton of books I loved this year, especially in the YA realm.** But The Sky is Everywhere blew me away . I’ve made it a mission to make sure everyone I know who reads any YA whatsoever reads it and will be loaning my copy out the moment I get it back from its current borrower.

You should read it. Like, tomorrow. Seriously. Read it.


*Honestly, I got stuck on the music category. STUCK. Plus there’s the issue that most movies this year flat sucked. However, Best New TV Show would go to “Archer.” No question.

**Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy, Kristen Cashore’s Fire (and Graceling, which isn’t from 2010 but which I didn’t discover until May), and Stephanie Perkin’s Anna and the French Kiss all come to mind immediately.