I’ve been beer blogging now for almost exactly 6 months. I have 80+ reviews at last count. I’ve also got a wine blog going, but I need to be better about updating at least once a week. 

And I want to review liqueurs and cocktails and whatever else I have when I have them and they’re really good.

And I want the blog to be more professional than it is, because I’d like to make sure it’s a way I can be taken seriously for my writing and for my beer knowledge.

Upshot: I’m thinking that what I need to do is combine the beer and wine blogs into one blog (heavily categorized), register my own domain name (sans wordpress.com in the address), and go from there. Doing this, I’d need to figure out how to move my old content over to the new blog – either via some sort of fun fancypants way to transfer content or just via simple copypasta. (i.e., if anyone knows how to transfer contect in a quick/easy fancypants way, lemme know!)

So I think I have a domain name, and I think I could get a small print of business cards with my name, the domain name, my twitter feed (which needs setting up and which could share the domain name), contact info and that sort of stuff. That way, I could be a bit more “frealz writer/blogger” than I am right now, which would, you know, be nice.

Any thoughts would be welcome.