This tumblr was recently pointed out to me: hungover owls. This blog continually cracks my shit up, but I don’t think the pictures are funny. The whole thing is funny solely because of the blog title. As a note to writers/me: titles are important. I hate titling my work – it never feels catchy or clever enough. I love hungover owls because it reminds me why I need to keep working on titles: when it’s right, it’s really, really right.

The other website recently brought to my attention is Catalog Living, a delightful little site which uses pictures from catalogs to tell the life and home story of Gary and Elaine. It’s excellent. Plus the catalog pictures remind me of Fight Club. There are some truly bizarre objects out there being offered for our conspicuous consumption.

As for me, I’m finally all set to get back into serious business writing mode, having spent the past few days setting up my new wine-and-beer-amalgamation blog, Feel free to drop by! I’ll be posting all of my reviews there, and I’ll keep up my ADHD-fueled writerly nonsense here.