So I’ve been in this* mood lately where I’d really like to write, like, a lot, but I cannot get myself into the proper headspace to get back into the novel. I’m trying to work through why this is, and I think I’ve come to some sort of dodgy conclusion.

The main issue (well, not right now – right now, the main issue is a headache)(and by main issue, I mean main issue besides the usual writerly issues of fear of failure or low self-esteem or what have you) is that I never managed to soundtrack the novel properly back in November. Or maybe, to be proper, the novel hasn’t managed to create a soundtrack for itself yet. A project I’ve got hanging out on the back burner right now managed to soundtrack itself about 500 words in. However, current project, in its over 55K word glory, remains soundtrackless.

I’ve never had this problem before.

The weird thing is that I can hear echoes of characters in all sorts of music I listen to – there’s a bunch of stuff in the National’s High Violet that really works for two of the main characters – but for some reason, I haven’t found anything that I can sit and listen to that tells me “this is what you listen to while you’re writing novel-y stuff.”

I’m torn between telling myself to force it, either by creating a playlist that isn’t really quite what I’m going for or by writing in silence, or telling myself to pick one quiet, easily ignorable song that gets the mood right for a particular scene and just leaving it on repeat until I get through a section. I think for the moment, I’ll be trying the latter.

When I wake up and my headache has fucked on off, I mean. I’ll be trying it then.

I hope everyone’s writing pursuits are going smashingly right now!

*the asterix marks the exact moment that I realized I’d started not just the sentence, but the whole blog post with the word “so.” I’ve realized lately that “so” is a major writing tick of mine, and one that I need to reduce my usage of. Rather than edit it out, I’m leaving y’all with this little bit of how quickly I type v. how quickly I realize what the words are that I’m typing.