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Snow day!

Because it looks like this outside:

So. Today I’ve seen umpteen different names for the storm, been confronted with a radar that looks like a giant blue screen of death (which I will screencap if I get bored), and been hit with a 503 error at the Weather Channel’s website (that would be the “hi, our servers are overloaded” error).

I’ve also seem a million different names for the current blizzard. I’m making a list, in hopes that these names can be retired. SNOWPOCALYPSE IS GETTING OLD, PEOPLE.

Here we go:
– Snowpocalypse
– Snowmageddon
– Snow My God
– Blizzard of Oz (specifically for KS, obv)
– Snowklahoma (specific to OK, obv)
– Snownami
– Snownado (which has roughly occurred in my backyard, prompting me to wonder if I should make good on a threat to move to California if I saw a snownado)

So. Seriously. We can all go back to calling it a blizzard or whatever, dig out, clean up, and move on now. Or, when I think about it, we can do this tomorrow/Thursday or whatever. Dude, it’s still near white out out there.

… for anyone who doesn’t read the AVClub at 1:39am¬†enjoys moments when the universe becomes more recursive than usual:

James Franco has created a university class (for credit!) about James Franco, partially taught by James Franco, featuring bits of film by James Franco.

So. Enjoy that. I’ll regale y’all with blizzard photos later, should the blizzard warnings my area is under actually amount to a real blizzard.


Edit: It’s appalling that I began February like that. My apologies. I am suitably embarrassed.
Edit 2: It’s appalling that it’s already February.

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