A series of quasi-explanatory Abouts:

About #1:

Kim is a 30-something writer with one husband, two cats, an awesome laptop and a stupid phone.  Her beer reviewing blog can be found by clicking these words here.  If you’re reading this page, you’ve found her “Writing and Other Assorted Nonsense” category blog.  Please enjoy.

If you would like to reach Kim to fawn over her writing, suggest a post topic, or otherwise make her day, the email address kcrfunari [at] gmail [dot] com should function well for you.


About #2:

Kim found herself becoming a writer when she found while unemployed that polishing her nails and showering were not enough to fill her days. So she thought to herself “Self, why don’t you write something for to entertain yourself?” So she sat at her computer and wrote and it was good. And the next day she also sat at her computer and wrote. And it was good. (But lo did it start to make her wrists hurt!)

And then on the dawning of the third afternoon, after Kim had wrested herself out of bed, caffeinated herself to the point of functionality and sat down at her laptop to write, she thought to herself “I don’t wanna.” So she read some blogs and posted on some forums and generally procrastinated on her writing.

This blog bears the fruits of her procrastination.


About #3:

As a writer, Kim spends most of her time in her head. This blog is an attempt to put some of her brain thoughts on paper screen so that she can free up headspace for other projects.

(Kim has realized that her brain should in fact stay in her head, since it seems to be most functional where it is.)


About #4:

Kim has also started writing a wine blog, in which she uses her faux-formidable writing skills to see if, in a year or two, she has figured out how to tell the difference between a Pinot Noir and a Zinfandel-of-the-non-White-variety apart.

She has also upgraded to a Smart Phone, which will, if nothing else, provide her with both blogging material and a reason to use far too many commas within a single sentence.

Family and cat status remain the same. Also she still loves to write.