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Great moments of SQUEEEEEEEEEE

Because I can’t wait to share the news any longer: my awesomesauce husband just got a book contract! It’s an academic book for an academic market coming out at some not-yet-determined point in the future. We heard about a month ago that he’d been given peer-review approval, but didn’t know until late this afternoon that the editorial board had approved publishing it (because, well, the editorial board didn’t meet to discuss it until this afternoon).

So at this point they’re mailing him a contract and he’s giving them a date that he’ll have the manuscript ready to proof by and they’re moving from there. Meanwhile, awesomesauce husband is away, meaning we can’t even celebrate until Monday (when he’s back and I’m not working until 11).

So. YAY!

In Which I Know I’ve Arrived

This is part one of an indeterminable number of parts, the ultimate number of which will be determined by where and how far I manage to arrive.  So consider this a celebration of a small victory.

Very simply, as you may have seen from my facebook status, someone found my beer-reviewing blog by searching the term “fail.”  Given the recent torture I’ve endured for the sake of reviewing Michelob Ultra’s flavored nightmares, this feels like a vindication of some sort.  Also, since “fail” is pretty much what the internet is for, I feel in some small way like I helped contribute to the internet today.

Without further ado, my cheesy screencapped proof:


A+ for me for the day.  If I can’t get paid for this stuff, at least I’m helping people find some lulz.  And that my writing is THAT GOOD.  Or, as the case may be, that bad.

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