(Note: You really don’t want to google “Avatar Navi” (which I did in order to make sure I put the apostrophe in the right place).  The first thing that comes up on the list is “The Avatar Na’vi Sex Scene Revealed,” the which title I’d link to for you but won’t because I a) find the concept vaguely terrifying and b) am afraid what (i.e., sexspambots or whatever) might end up trying to comment on my blog if I did.(Rule 34. Ugh.)(Anyway.)

The KC Renaissance Festival has been going on for years and years.  And years.  Close to three decades or something like that.  It’s a giant, 6-weekend long festival with a different theme each weekend, a plentiful supply of Ren-Fest-Requisite smoked turkey legs (ZOMGMAZING), plenty of booze, corsets, cleavage and fairy wings galore.  Just as it should be.

As always happens, the costumes run the gamut.  There are the people wearing exquisitely crafted costumes with brocade and leather lacings and appropriate-looking footware and hats and so on, who quite clearly enjoy putting the costumes together and making them look fantastic.  And there are of course the people who’ve thrown on fairy wings, combat boots and a furry tail all at once and who make me wonder what the Ren Fest equivalent of Tim Gunn would say.  I’m fine with any and all versions of this (and everyone else who wanders around with their standard jeans and t-shirt weekend gear).  It’s the Renaissance Festival:  checking out the costumes/people watching is half the fun (the other half, of course, being the turkey legs and mulled mead).

Where I draw the line is when someone shows up at a Renaissance Festival wearing full Na’vi regalia:  tiny bra-like top, tiny skirt, long blue tail, fully painted blue body.  Nothing that counts as even a nod to Renaissance costuming (or Medieval costuming, or anything else along the 3rd-17th century spectrum that the Ren Fest seems to include).  Clearly and simply and only Hollywood.

I have no problem with the concept of the Na’vi costume in general – the movie was popular enough that I’m assuming something like 1/10 adults (and possibly a higher quotient of kids) will be looking at the Na’vi as the hot “must-be” costume for Halloween 2010.  And I’ve zero doubt whatsoever that a good many of these costumes have already been worn to ComicCon and GenCon and whatever else.  Which is also good and fine and exactly as it should be.

At the Ren Fest, however, it seems in my mind that the costumes should at least *reference* the stated time period (however broadly interpreted), because we’ve all agreed on the theme here and it’s the theme itself that is providing the basis for entertainment.  So read some Tolkein, play with chain mail, quote some Shakespeare, throw on some fairy wings and have some fun.  But keep Avatar out of it.  Or change up the costume a bit and go as a troll, lest we decide that you really are a troll.