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YA Book List

In which I post a list of books seen on a forum that I have not yet read but need to, in hopes that I don’t forget which books they are whilst in the bookstore:

– The Perks of Being a Wallflower
– Feed (MT Anderson) (I KNOW)
– If I Stay (Gayle Forman)
– Uglies, etc (Scott Westerfeld) (SRSLY I SUCK FOR NOT HAVING READ THESE YET I KNOW)
– Goose Girl
– The Only Alien on the Planet
– The Maze Runner
– The Forest of Hands and Teeth (I KNOW I KNOW)
– The Tapestry Series (Henry Neff)
– Liar (Justine Larbalestier)

Will update as I see things.
Also open for suggestions. Please!

Hollywood Strikes Again


Paul W.S. Anderson is filming The Three Musketeers (the link is to the imdb page).  This particular Mr. Anderson is the director of the Resident Evil films.  Which, you know, fine.  I’m not a fan of the Resident Evil films, but I don’t have to be.  But the concept of the person who directed those movies having anything whatsoever to do with yet another attempt to create a film of the Three Musketeers flat pisses me off.  The book deserves better than this.

And yet, sadly, I don’t think they (you know, the amorphous “they/them” who get so much blame) will every manage to make a decent film of this book.  There’s just too much there.  And it isn’t the “too much” that often happens in the novel —> film adaptation that there’s too much going on with the characters to make them seem realistic and fully fleshed out on screen.  The characters in the Three Musketeers are practically archetypal – their characters can be illustrated adequately in a matter of moments – maybe a scene or two.  And it’s not that the characters are busy thinking lots of untranslatable-to-screen deep thoughts, because Dumas in general doesn’t seem to have had much truck with all that (except in the dragging ‘deep thoughts on revenge’ parts of the Count of Monte Cristo).

The problem with the Three Musketeers is simply plot: there’s far, far too much of it to fit into a single film (and it’s all far, far too awesome to want to cut).  A trilogy, perhaps – the first film being d’Artagnan’s entry into the Guards, the second being the flirtation with Milady and discovery of her treachery, and the third being the Milady/Felton craziness and giant finale.  Or it could be sliced up to have a film dealing with just the romantic angles, or one that deals primarily with the politics, or one that deals primarily with the friendship between the four.  I’d love a version that attempted to take on the political backdrop, personally, because Dumas had a keen sense of what made people fascinating, and he captures that fascination beautifully in the political intrigues.  The point, however, is that what does make it into the film will have to be carefully chosen and flawlessly executed, else the whole thing will be a mess.  There’s just too much there to make a coherent film, and even the cutting would be difficult, since every element is so tightly interwoven with every other element. 

I love and adore bad movies.  I gleefully watched this year’s version of Robin Hood, near-collapsing into paroxysms of hysterics at the idea that Robin’s uneducated philosopher Freemason father wrote the rough draft of the Magna Carta.  My husband and I throw parties whenever a particularly promising gem of awfulness shows up on the Saturday night SyFy lineup.  I went and saw Prince of Persia in the theaters, FFS. 

This, however, is different.  This feels personal.  The Three Musketeers has been one of my favorite books since I was 12 and first read it.  It’s been destroyed before – see the 1993 Disneyfied Chris O’Donnell production, which seems to have stolen only the title and character names from the original.  It was painful watching it (that film was my Chris O’Donnell crushkiller), and I have zero hope for this version.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to steel myself to sit through it because I’m already worried that the director will turn it into some sort of blockbuster-y gorefest. 

This is the type of thing that makes me question having given up thumbsucking.  It’s.  Just.  WHY.

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