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Simon’s Cat


“HERE” is simonscat.com. Simon makes cartoon videos of his cat.

The videos are completely awesome because Simon’s cat acts like a cat. If you own a cat, you will have seen your own insane fuzz creature (Nunkin’s new nickname as of yesterday afternoon, when I called her that after she’d spent five minutes pawing at a door for attention) do all of these things.* It’s just that when Simon’s cat does it, it’s funnier. Probably because you don’t have to clean the mess up afterwards.

*Okay. Not all. Most. Admittedly, neither of my cats have figured out how to hit me in the head with a baseball bat to wake me up, but I know they would if they could. Because. Well. They get hungry, I think.

Cats, Pringles and Pizza Rolls

I’ve now spent at least 5 minutes of my life watching this video of my friend Dr. B’s cat.  I dare you to try to spend less time doing the same.  Much thanks to the awesomesauce Dr. B for permission to post this video, thus helping me help you waste your time.

As an aside, notice the tubes of Pringles in the background.  Pringles are Ph.D.-approved writing fuel.  If you find yourself stuck with writer’s block, Pringles might be the answer.

On the other hand, I myself tend to go with Pizza Rolls as my writing fuel of choice.  If you find that Pringles aren’t working for you (or just aren’t what you’re craving in your writing fuel junkfood), Pizza Rolls might be a better choice.  If so, allow me to recommend the “Cheese” over the “Triple Cheese,” as experience as taught me that the latter has a tendency to explode its cheesy goodness all over the cookie sheet earlier in the baking process than the former.  Always remember always to bake your Pizza Rolls, as microwaving them makes them soggy.  Soggy Pizza Rolls are inadequate writing fuel and should be avoided at all costs, lest they make a pasty, pulpy puddle out of your prose.

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