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Mountain Dew Cake

So. This exists.

I have yet to be able to wrap my head around the existence of Mountain Dew Cake. It’s been hours since I first learned of such a travesty, and I’m still stuck.

Bacon vodka. I can handle that.

Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancake-Wrapped Sausage On A Stick, I can laugh at that.

Mountain Dew Cake is beyond my ability to comprehend. Part of me is thinking some variation of “only in America” (which is not a compliment to my country, I have to say), and the rest of me is thinking “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.”

And some little part of me wonders if this was originally a Sandra Lee recipe, because it does sound pretty Semi-Ho. If only there were an accompanying Mountain Dew/coconut rum cocktail.

In Which I Know I’ve Arrived

This is part one of an indeterminable number of parts, the ultimate number of which will be determined by where and how far I manage to arrive.  So consider this a celebration of a small victory.

Very simply, as you may have seen from my facebook status, someone found my beer-reviewing blog by searching the term “fail.”  Given the recent torture I’ve endured for the sake of reviewing Michelob Ultra’s flavored nightmares, this feels like a vindication of some sort.  Also, since “fail” is pretty much what the internet is for, I feel in some small way like I helped contribute to the internet today.

Without further ado, my cheesy screencapped proof:


A+ for me for the day.  If I can’t get paid for this stuff, at least I’m helping people find some lulz.  And that my writing is THAT GOOD.  Or, as the case may be, that bad.

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