… because the paper mills are hiring in force right now.  The craigslist jobs section that focuses on writing jobs has two paper mill positions – one for writing academic papers and one for writing personal statements – hanging out and waiting for applicants.  These openings are just from the last couple of days.  I’m sure they probably won’t be the last.

Now, I could totally rock the hell out of those jobs. 

Will I?  No.  I’d rather teller.*  I think were I to become a paper mill writer, I’d lose a substantial number of friends (who are college instructors of some variety or another) and any sense of self-respect I’ve ever had.  So sorry, shitty economy, but I’m choosing myself over this particular “opportunity.”

I did, however, find it interesting that paper mills hire through craiglist.  I’d always sort of wondered how they found people.

* I tellered throughout my senior year of high school and all of college.  The concept of going back to tellering after 7 years of grad school (thus in some career sense rendering 7 years of grad school completely meaningless) makes me break out in hives.  However, there *are* tellering jobs out there, which is more than I can say for almost any other type of job on the planet.  The “want ads” of the internet, they are depressingly empty.