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Handstands at 31

Yesterday I did a handstand at work and it was awesome.

The handstand was because I had just written up a review for New Belgium’s Somersault, and the owner decided we should try to get a picture of me doing a somersault to go with the review. The thing is, though, if you’ve ever seen a somersault in action, then you know it’s not a photogenic position. So I didn’t want to do that. I did think I could maybe work with the upside down idea, however, which is how I ended up doing a handstand over a case of beer, my feet up against the cooler doors for balance, my hair pooling on top of the beer.

I hadn’t done a handstand in something like 20 years and wasn’t sure I was going to pull one off without falling on my head. At the same time, I do work out a lot, I do still have good balance, lots of upper body strength, that sort of thing. So I tried it. And I got up. Four times.

Upshot: I feel oddly kickass about myself right now, like I could do anything, simply because I could do a handstand yesterday. It’s funny what raises my self-esteem.

I made the mistake last night of having a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat for my beer blog and because Old Chicago says I had to in order to get the t-shirt for the Halloween Mini-Tour. So I did.

Never do that.

Anyway, I’ve been trying since then to come up with adequate reaction images to intimate my horror at having drank a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I came up with one, which is up there, but had thought about the possibility of adding a few more before I sat down and tried to put the experience into words.

So naturally, I googled “Vladimir Putin D:” because obviously that’s what I need, image-wise.

I thought.

I thought wrong.

I came up with these, among others:

Oh. Um.

a nude pic (butt only) of Ron Paul that I will link to but won’t actually put here, and this (SORRY):

Like seriously. Wut. Help.

Sorry. Really. Sorry.

O_o Opossums?


I… don’t know what do to with this.


I mean, she’s either the craziest duck that ever quacked or she is 100% absurdist genius.

The opossum does not look pleased, especially when she has it upside down on a pillow and it’s trying to get the hell back up. And then she SWEEPS ITS AURA OUT. 

This, people, is worse than the “Cat Chakra Balancing Formula” I found on some insane “natural pets” website.

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