I made the mistake last night of having a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat for my beer blog and because Old Chicago says I had to in order to get the t-shirt for the Halloween Mini-Tour. So I did.

Never do that.

Anyway, I’ve been trying since then to come up with adequate reaction images to intimate my horror at having drank a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I came up with one, which is up there, but had thought about the possibility of adding a few more before I sat down and tried to put the experience into words.

So naturally, I googled “Vladimir Putin D:” because obviously that’s what I need, image-wise.

I thought.

I thought wrong.

I came up with these, among others:

Oh. Um.

a nude pic (butt only) of Ron Paul that I will link to but won’t actually put here, and this (SORRY):

Like seriously. Wut. Help.

Sorry. Really. Sorry.