I’ve been trying for two nights now to write a rough draft of my entry for Steph’s blogfest. I’ve been getting nowhere thanks to the deadly combination of fussing over every word and overthinking every detail. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to manage to write anything at all, fearing that my first blogfest entry would be some sort of pomo-bullshit “this is a blogfest entry” accompanying a picture of some text or some such nonsense.

And then, as I was sitting here, beginning night three and feeling already frustrated, it occurred to me that I ought to try what I’ve told others to do, and I popped onto Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die. I told the program 800 words in 45 minutes. 42 minutes later, I have exactly 1000 words of rough draft. I had to write: when I didn’t, IT RICKROLLED ME.  Bastard.

It badly needs tightening, I haven’t figured out a good name for any of the three characters, I need to cut some dialogue and spend a few more moments narrating. But here’s the thing:  I can do all that in editing. And now I have a draft, so I actually *can* edit it.

Glee! Productivity feels lovely.