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One more post today

because I am obviously not getting much writing done, having used my snow day to do fuckall…

A week or two ago, I thought the picture in this post looked like quite a bit of snow.

I know that was wrong, because of the picture from earlier today in this post.

Also, the blizzard broke Wrigley field.

Tomorrow, I am going to write if it kills me. It’s not like I’ll be going anywhere.

Because it looks like this outside:

So. Today I’ve seen umpteen different names for the storm, been confronted with a radar that looks like a giant blue screen of death (which I will screencap if I get bored), and been hit with a 503 error at the Weather Channel’s website (that would be the “hi, our servers are overloaded” error).

I’ve also seem a million different names for the current blizzard. I’m making a list, in hopes that these names can be retired. SNOWPOCALYPSE IS GETTING OLD, PEOPLE.

Here we go:
– Snowpocalypse
– Snowmageddon
– Snow My God
– Blizzard of Oz (specifically for KS, obv)
– Snowklahoma (specific to OK, obv)
– Snownami
– Snownado (which has roughly occurred in my backyard, prompting me to wonder if I should make good on a threat to move to California if I saw a snownado)

So. Seriously. We can all go back to calling it a blizzard or whatever, dig out, clean up, and move on now. Or, when I think about it, we can do this tomorrow/Thursday or whatever. Dude, it’s still near white out out there.

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