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Procrastinators, unite

A+ to this blog, wherein the writer details bits of her life that happen while she’s *not* doing what she’s supposed to be doing. The task-to-be-procrastinated-upon is the turning of her dissertation into a book. While part of me would like to snap a whip at her so that she can get it done (so that I can therefore in turn buy, submit for her autograph, and then read it), part of me is thrilled with the happy at the concept of seeing how someone else goes upon her own version of procrastination.

So, once more, in case you procrastinated on reading it the first time, here’s a link that you should click.

Some timewasters for you

This tumblr was recently pointed out to me: hungover owls. This blog continually cracks my shit up, but I don’t think the pictures are funny. The whole thing is funny solely because of the blog title. As a note to writers/me: titles are important. I hate titling my work – it never feels catchy or clever enough. I love hungover owls because it reminds me why I need to keep working on titles: when it’s right, it’s really, really right.

The other website recently brought to my attention is Catalog Living, a delightful little site which uses pictures from catalogs to tell the life and home story of Gary and Elaine. It’s excellent. Plus the catalog pictures remind me of Fight Club. There are some truly bizarre objects out there being offered for our conspicuous consumption.

As for me, I’m finally all set to get back into serious business writing mode, having spent the past few days setting up my new wine-and-beer-amalgamation blog, www.kimandtonic.com. Feel free to drop by! I’ll be posting all of my reviews there, and I’ll keep up my ADHD-fueled writerly nonsense here.

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project

As a counterpoint to my last post, I’m passing on the link just given to me in the comment to that post.

It’s the Twinkies Project (punctuated like it is in the title to the post – I typed it out that way once and thought ‘ah, screw it’ to doing it that way again). It’s a bunch of “experiments” done on Twinkies to see how they respond to sets of experimental conditions (read: the site authors decided to burn Twinkies and write faux-science-y results)(which are awesome). There’s even a link that gives you results in haiku form. Brilliant.

And, because this is WEIRDING ME OUT BIG TIME: who the hell knew that Twinkies are, and I quote directly from the site linked to above: “”Twinkies” and the “Twinkie the Kid character” are registered trademarks of
Interstate Brands Corporation, 12 East Armour Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64111.”

First thought: I should try to work for them.
Second thought: I kinda hate Twinkies. Maybe I should reconsider.

Simon’s Cat


“HERE” is simonscat.com. Simon makes cartoon videos of his cat.

The videos are completely awesome because Simon’s cat acts like a cat. If you own a cat, you will have seen your own insane fuzz creature (Nunkin’s new nickname as of yesterday afternoon, when I called her that after she’d spent five minutes pawing at a door for attention) do all of these things.* It’s just that when Simon’s cat does it, it’s funnier. Probably because you don’t have to clean the mess up afterwards.

*Okay. Not all. Most. Admittedly, neither of my cats have figured out how to hit me in the head with a baseball bat to wake me up, but I know they would if they could. Because. Well. They get hungry, I think.

Orisinal games

With a thank you to the lovely S.E. Sinkhorn (whose rockin’ blog rocks quite hard), may I present Orisinal: a whole bunch of games to distract you from whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing.  The cats game just lost me something like ten minutes of my life.  Because, you know, cats are impossible like that. 

Enjoy.  I’m sorry for your lost hours. 😀

In honor of 9/02/10

I know I’m not being even remotely clever/original, but we need to do some 9/02/10 celebrating here because I spent every Wednesay night while I was in middle school watching 90210 while on the phone with one of several friends, talking during commercial breaks and sitting in total silence, receivers to ears, during the show itself.  So, to honor both the idiot show and the fact that the point of this blog is procrastination, allow me to present you with a link to a Very Special Episode of 90210, wherein the show attempts to tackle Real Issues.


Transformice!* is an awesomesauce little game wherein you control a mouse in order to get cheese and then get back into the mouse hole.  There are some obstacles in the way.  One of the mice is named Shaman for the round and helps** you get your mouse through the puzzle if help is indeed needed.

The scary part is the chat that takes place on the lower part of the screen.  The people on the chat aren’t always happy, PC people.  I get the impression a lot of them are Anonymous.***  However, they occasionally (like today) will offer advice on what to do if you’re Shaman and can’t get a balloon to attach to another mouse correctly (as happened to me – someone actually was friendly and gave me advice as opposed to calling me n00bshammy and suggesting my mouse kill itself – it was refreshing, really).

So go play. It’s fun.  Fashion bonus: inn another 18 or so successful cheese runs, I’ll be able to “buy” a teeny top hat for my little mouse.  Exciting, non?

And because I wouldn’t be a former academic without footnotes:
* followers of my beer blog will know that I’ve been lately running into nouns suffering from “Errant Punctuation Point Syndrome,” wherein a lone exclamation point appears at the end of a word for no grammatically apparent reason.  I’ve yet to figure out the cause of all these errant marks of punctuation.  I can’t blame the internet, as Transformice! is actually the first time I’ve noticed this phenomenon online, and the Bully! Porter which started this whole trend was brewed before Al Gore created the World Wide Web.
** “helps” is a generous word.  Some Shaman (aka “shammy” in the chat box) help.  Some are trolls who block progress.  The trolls are usually pretty funny, so it’s all good.
*** If you don’t know what I mean when I say Anonymous, consider yourself very glad and try not to find out.

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