Alright.  So I have a beer reviewing/bar reviewing blog here: .  The beer reviewing arena is probably better known as “the area of my expertise.”  Go there for coherence of topic and thought.  We’ll none of that here.

The purpose of this blog is to get the other thoughts out of my head, i.e. “the random things that pop into my head when I’m trying to get something productive done.”  I figure that if I have a place to let them coalesce, they’ll either leave me alone or they’ll turn into something usable.  Either one is acceptable to me.  I decided I needed this blog about a week ago when it occurred to me that the beer blog really just needed to stay beer-related, and didn’t need off-topic posts clogging it up – the obvious solution was to create an off-topic blog.  So I considered it for a while, and finally decided that I should do something about it at some point last night around 2am as I stared at what is likely to be chapter 3 of the current WIP (work in progress, for those of you not up on writing acronyms). 

Given I’m filling my funemployment with a combination of job searching and novel writing, the vast majority of my thoughts here will likely have something to do with one of those.  Well, the thoughts will often have something to do with writing more than job searching: writing is sometimes fun, whereas job searching is a demoralizing morass of, well, you know it if you’ve done it.  So, well, maybe I won’t post about job searching, unless it’s to report good news.

So that’s that.  Enjoy.  Given it’s after 12:30, I’m going to pull myself together enough to go find some lunch.