I was writing this blog post a few nights ago. Everything was going along fine: I had a lot I wanted to say, a clear idea of how to organize it, a list of links to fit in, pictures that would help illustrate what I was saying. Blog posts rarely go quite *that* well, so I was buzzing along and feeling great.

Except for one problem.

Given my boss sees that blog, and that I use that blog on my resume as one of the examples of my writing, I need it to be at least semi-professional. The upshot to this is that I have a no-swearing rule for that blog (which I don’t worry about here).

The problem came when I was trying to describe Christopher Elbow’s chocolates. The *only* word that adequately describes my feelings toward those beautiful, beautiful creations is “fuckawesome.” Because that’s what those chocolates are: fuckawesome.

Fuckawesome, however, flagrantly violates my no-swearing rule. Therefore, despite how perfect a word choice it would have been for every other reason, I had to go with significantly less colorful language.

The thing with fuckawesome is that it’s a word I picked up from the internet. I don’t know that it’s a pair of words I would have combined together on my own. I love it, however, because I feel like the adding of the “fuck” to the “awesome” somehow elevates “awesome” to a level beyond its normal connotation – i.e., a word to describe something that is generally pretty good.*

So I’m left wondering what word I would have used to describe the said fuckawesome¬†chocolates had fuckawesome not been so primed in my brain. It no doubt would have been better than whatever hyperbolic nonsense I did end up writing.

I think I need a thesaurus, y’all.


*Given what the word used to connote, i.e., that feeling of something being overwhelmingly amazing, awe-inspiring, etc., I think “awesome” is an excellent example of words to look at when studying how meanings change over the years. It’s had a pretty sad downgrade.

That said, it should also be pointed out that the main purpose of “fuck” most of the time is to intensify whatever is being said. It doesn’t have a meaning beyond that in most cases anymore.